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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2010 12:00am-12:30am PST

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lives nearby or a commuter or user of the park. that everyone will experience a much better situation than they currently have. >> the human interest to me is how people could work out so many challenging differences to come to a design that we believe will give us a jewel. landmark of a place. >> i am sure it will have refining effect like embark did. and there were people about that and no one would think of that today. and when you look at growth and transformation of the embark, the same with doyle. it will be a cherished part of the city and a worthy addition to what is there. >> it will be a safe and beautiful entrance to a spectacular beautiful city.
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it will be the entry to golden gate that san francisco deserves.
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>> please turn off your cell phones and pagers. commission president thomas mazzucco? president mazzucco: present. >> commissioner dejesus? >> en route. >> commissioner carol kingsley? >> present. >> commission president, you have a quorum. president mazzucco: thank you. welcome to the december 12, -- the december 1, 2010 session. we have a light calendar, but we
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will have several hearings in closed session. we always move to be transparent, but these officers have rights and these matters are not for public consumption. with that in mind, please call line item number one, public comment. >> item 1, public comment. members of the public may address the police commission for a time determined by the chair, not to exceed three minutes, on items that are within the subject matter of jurisdiction of the commission but do not appear on the agenda. president mazzucco: i would like to note that with the commission tonight is the assistant chief and director from the office of civil complaints. any public comment on matters that pertain to the san francisco police department? good evening, how are you? >> good evening. my pleasure, as always. a couple quick items that came to mind. i speak for a lot of police
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officers. it right now i am very upset. our chief of police did not show what it to a former chief's funeral. i don't care the politics or whatever. i was there, i showed up. i did not know the guy, but out of respect for a former chief, i was there. everybody was there, but our chief of police did not show. he did not show up for any of our officers to have committed suicide, sadly. i mean, people, this is about a human thing. the chief has to get his head out of his butt. you want to be the chief of chicago, go ahead, catch the plane. but you are in san francisco, you have to care.
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chief bass said, clyde, where is your chief? i said, sir, i don't know. he said tell the commission. i am telling you, he did not even show. he did not even show. he did not show up for three officers suicides. now i am told by the beat cops, friends of mine, he is setting us up. ithe wallet trek. did they caught the wallet, fill out the paperwork out. these cops are not stealing. if they don't fill out the paperwork in today's time, sorry, two days off. that is old. our police officers are not correct. they may not be perfect, but they are not correct. chief, wake up. don't humiliate the rank-and- file. thank you.
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president mazzucco: any other public comment? seeing them, call item two, please. a >> item 2, reports2 to the reports. ita is -- item 2a is the chief report. >> good evening. i have some crime statistics. crimes were down 8.3% year-to- date. there were 3200 if you were part one crimes. the breakdown is 4% reduction in violent crime and 9% reduction of other crimes. homicides are 44, and we were at 44 this time last year. if you need any additional further breakdown, i can provide that as well. president mazzucco: any additional questions? commissioner hammer: i am not
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sure if this is the right time to talk about it, but you had a discussion about updating the general order and vehicles. we were privy to the documents and the city attorney had been working and we had this conversation for months. i am just wondering, president mazzucco, if we are continuing this to the next meeting to get an update? it seems to go week to week, and it is something that is important for our officers and citizens. president mazzucco: i agree, i had a conversation with our chief earlier today before boarding his flight, and we received information with input from the chief credit we need to calendar this for the next meeting. what we need to do is review this as a commission as a whole next week. we will do that in closed session because of the potential for litigation and pending
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litigation. we will start in closed session, and then we will report afterwards about what will be reportable to the public. as i said last time, when need to address this sooner rather than later, and the chief is addressing this sooner rather than later, in the city attorney's office is working on an acceptable draft. but this needs to be on calendar next week for closed session discussion based on the fact there is pending litigation and then we can report on what we can report after the time believed closed session. i see that the city attorney would like to address this. >> commissioner, as i mentioned before, we are still looking at the basis for closed session to make sure we have identified one that is proper grounds for closed session. if we're not able to, i will coordinate with you on other options. president mazzucco: it will be on the calendar next week. commissioner hammer: we will
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look at those documents, but have you given thought about whether that is appropriate for closed session? >> it would almost certainly be anticipated, pending litigation. whether there is an appropriate matter to present to the commission that could include this issue. commissioner hammer: there was some press reporting and certain incidents involving these things. the number-one priority is not putting officers at risk. we review these in closed session. officers by and large are acting in good faith and they are at risk. it is not casting aspersions on them. we were thinking about officers can actually get out of the way of a car rather than just shooting at it so we did not have a 3,000 pound missile going
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down the street running over a kidder something credit in february, the chief issued a bulletin amending the general order, and it is our responsibility to that amendment. i am happy to start with something soon in an open session and then about the policy. president mazzucco: i agree. commissioners, any further questions for the assistant chief? thank you. >> thank you. >> item 2b, the occ director's report. >> good evening. members of the commission, members of the audience, i will talk briefly about the budget process. the mayor met with department heads today and provided us with budget instructions as well as the budget director, and the key date is on february 21 it is
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when the department budgets are due. but before then, departments are expected to provide 2.5% cuts by december 21. the cuts that the departments are being asked to take our 10% and another 10% contingency. as i told the commission before, president mazzucco and members of the commission, the occ, its budget is comprised -- 90% -- president mazzucco: i apologize. we now have a quorum, plus one. you may now continue. >> thank you. it is comprised almost solely of personnel. we have very little discretionary money in our
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operations budget. 64% is for rent. what that could mean if we are asked to give the full 10%, it could mean layoffs because there is no money. anywhere else in money. -- because there is no money anywhere else in the budget. other key calendar dates, june 1, the budget is submitted to the board of supervisors. in june, hearings, and in the budget is considered at the board of supervisors. the statistical report will be provided to you on your consent calendar next week for the month of november. president mazzucco: thank you, director. we went through this last year and commission supports increasing your budget, with the realization there are issues with the overall city's budget. but at some point, there has been talks that you have been cut to a level that is not
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sustainable. if you are cut below that level, and has an adverse effect on the police department and on the public. it at some point, will you be in that realm where you could discuss that issue? a lot of budgets have some fat, but this has none. >> i think i will be able to have that discussion. i have that discussion every year with my budget analysts on the mayor's budget office. teh occ has not been required to take the full percentage cut in any year. i am hopeful that will be the case this year. the budget shortfall this year is3 is80 -- the budget shortfall this year is $380 million, compared with over 500 million last year. the department is in better shape, but it is still a deficit. it president mazzucco: you have
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the support of this commission for whatever we could do with the budget process. >> thank you very much. president mazzucco: any questions for the director? >> item 2c, the commission reports. president mazzucco: thank you. i want to thank the san francisco police department for the excellent job they did at the funeral two weeks ago. they did a great job to serve a man who served the city. the police department responded with an incredible service for the chief. i like to thank the officers involved in that. any other reports, commissioners? now we are asking for public comment on items 2a, b, or c. good evening again, clyde. am i like to address a serious issue. officer moving vehicle
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shootings. thomas, you were up front. we're going to address this quick. this is a tough call. i am glad to see the commission is ahead of the power curve on this. on december 8, you people make the call, thank you. president mazzucco: thank you, clyde. any further comments? seeing none, item three, please? >> item 3, routine administrative business3. ita is commission announcements. president mazzucco: and the commission announcements? >> december 15 meeting will be the medal of valor ceremony at 5:00 p.m. at the ucsf auditorium. that starts at 5:00 p.m. president mazzucco: of it like the public to in physics at. -- i would like the public to visit that. it as the police commission we
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deal with all sorts of issues. i invite the public to attend on the 15th because you'll be able to witness the heroic effort of our men and women in the police department who have risked their lives to protect citizens. it is quite an event for the officers and their families and it is something to be very proud of. i invite the public if they have time to be present at the new ucsf campus to witness the ceremony. commissioners? i am b, please? >> 3b, scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. president mazzucco: as we discussed, the issue regarding the general order regarding the discharge of firearms at vehicles. we will look at that next week. it briefly, i think commissioner kingsley as a case she would
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like to add to the agenda for next week. any other items? commissioner dejesus: december 8, we will have progress reports from the police department. president mazzucco: i thought we were going to have one more meeting regarding where we were out before the progress report? commissioner dejesus: i thought he was going to tell us where he was in terms of -- he was going to tell us where they were with the revisions. because there is nothing to work with now. president mazzucco: will there be presentations? commissioner dejesus: they will tell us. president mazzucco: that sounds reasonable. anything else, commissioners? commissioners hammer: i will not
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be able to attend the meeting next week. other than disciplinary matters, which are closed session, and potentially this regarding shooting at moving vehicles, do we know of other matters that will be on the agenda next week? president mazzucco: there is no hot button issue. commissioner hammer: and after that there is the medal of valor ceremony and then after that we're probably offer the holidays. just trying to get a handle of the next few weeks. president mazzucco: the key to the commissioners for their of the lady and the coming weeks. -- thank you for the commissioners for their availability in the coming weeks. any other commissioners,? seeing none, called the next item. >> item 5, -- item 4, public comment on all matters pertaining to closed session. president mazzucco: any public
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comment? seeing none, call item five. >> a vote on whether to hold closed session. president mazzucco: do i have a motion. >> motion. president mazzucco: >> we are back on the air. >> calling item 7? >> we are voting to disclose the items in closed session? president mazzucco: all in favor? line item 8? >> line item 8 is the action item to adjourn. president mazzucco: so moved. >> second. president mazzucco: thank you,
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everybody. >> commissioner benetti. commissioner joseph. commissioner meko. president newlin. we have a quorum. staff was contacted by commissioner perez saying he will not be able to attend and i think we expect commissioner cavellini and commissioner roja. >> ok. item number one, public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to the agenda items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such items are called. is there any member of the public that would like to make
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a public comment? seeing none, item number two, review and approve the minutes of september 28, october 9, and october 26. >> i would like to move and bifurcate the minutes separating out september 28. and october 26 in the hope that commissioner cavellini will show up and leave it until the end of the meeting and vote on the minutes of november 9. >> i second that motion. >> commissioner, do we need discussion? >> same. >> same calm? >> right. -- i'm call? >> right. >> item number three.
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report from the acting director. >> so let the minutes reflect that commissioner roja joined the meeting. commissioner roja: here. >> commissioners, good evening. are we good? so let me -- let me just give you a quick update under legislative and policy regarding the promoter registration legislation that we've been following along closely. it was heard on november 15 at the public safety committee of the board of supervisors. although it was passed out to the full board, a few
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amendments that were made post hearing were considered substantive. and is therefore i believe going to go back to the public safety committee for a rehearing on december 6. i was in a meeting in supervisor chu's office. and although the city attorney considers the amendment substantive, i'm not sure that i would characterize them as such. and i'm happy to send the commission the revised version once i get my hands on it. but in any event, it goes back to the public safety committee on december 6. and will likely move for quickly beyond calendar for the full board december 7. and nen a second read -- and then a second read on december 14.
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based on that schedule, implementation will likely be late january if all goes as planned. i have been working with -- i asked staff here in city hall to put together a proposal for the city in order to estimate a cost for the creation of this online system that we've been discussing. and once i get an estimate of cost, i'm going to take that back to the president of the board and make sure that those costs can be covered so that development can begin immediately. and hopefully not slow up any online implementation because this registration relies heavily on that being accessible. and online, you know, and not to walk into our office during office hours for. so that's going to be really
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important and i will keep the commission apprised of that. staff would like to request again that each commissioner get in touch with crystal via email regarding a short list of preferred dates for a commission retreat in january of 2011. i really would like to secure a location outside city hall. that requires a lot of lead time in terms of public notice. and so i can't do that until i know when you guys are likely to be available in january or even early february for just a half day. so if you would get in touch with crystal, i would appreciate it. i wanted to give the commission a little bit of background. and i'm not going to read my whole text in my memo. but you have that in terms of what the staff has been doing relative to the revision of the
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sound ordinance. in 2008, the board of supervisors made some changes, substantial changes to the -- basically article 29, i think, of the police code, that relates to noise or all of the sound issues that happened in san francisco, in 2008, in that revision, it created this thing called the noise task force. i prefer to call it a sound ordinance task force. because "noise" just doesn't sound very good. that noise task force meets op a quarterly basis to -- on a quarterly basis to talk about noise abatement matters and runs the gamut of not just this commission handles but motor vehicle noise, animal noise, building code, stuff like that. and it is something that we take very seriously.
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it is something that was really involved with in the earlier years. and i've started to go to those as they relate obviously to issues that we're dealing with. and so i wanted to let you know that we will continue to update you and we will be spending some time on it. because amendments going ford may in fact be substantial -- going forward may in fact be substantial and need to come to you. the noise ordinance is a living document and changes all the time. we're going to request as a task force that the board of supervisors keep it alive. it's supposed to sunset after three years. which would be in 2011. and we feel that it's important enough of an issue overall to continue to have all of these departments and there's probably eight or nine departments that work on noise issues to keep coming together,
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you know, four times a year which isn't very much to really coordinate what we do as it relates to sound and noise in san francisco. ok. so a quick reminder that mr. davis' retirement party is set for monday, next monday, november 29, at soluna which is at 272 mccallister. and i wanted to say that to the small audience in the room as well as the commission. but also anyone else that's watching as we know on public tv. so the public is certainly invited to that event if they would like to come by. the staff made a quarterly report to the board of supervisors on entertainment activities. and violence in night clubs on november 15. and that same public saist
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committee, staff reported our activities. and i put a copy of the report right behind my -- so another memorandum here just to the public safety committee. that outlines essentially what we've been doing. we changed the way the report was issued to the members of the board on that committee. as they had let it be known that they were not happy with all of the raw data we were giving them. so we gave them a different kind of outline. and you can take a look at that if you want to. i think that they were pleased to see that change and we're going to try to even do better using some technology, possibly, to do more reporting out. the board president indicated he wanted more like comstat. that's a pretty high bar to meet based on the little amount of resources we have, we'll do what week


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